Car and Vehicle Finance

Sole traders, partnerships and companies have a range of business car and vehicle finance option available to them. AustAsia's Finance Brokers Pty Ltd (ACN 066 154 783) team can help you choose the most appropriate type of finance for each business' needs.

We will look at your business structure, cash-flow, GST and tax considerations which will determine the right financial or loan arrangement for business cars and vehicles.

Apart from just straight business loans for vehicles AustAsia can set up various other car financing solutions. Options available include:

  • Commercial hire-purchase is a finance product for a business (or an individual with a high proportion of business use) to "hire" a car from a financier, namely a fleet or car yard operator, on a fixed monthly repayment term. Once the finance term has completed you can purchase the car or renew with a new finance deal and a new upgraded car.
  • Chattel Mortgages are finance options where a financier loans money to a business to purchase a car or commercial vehicle through securing a loan with a mortgage over the vehicle.
  • Novated Leasing is generally implemented as part of a salary packaging option for employees. It allows the business to offset the cost through a leasing scheme.