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Coronavirus Financial Information

coronavirus and your moneyFor your convenience, here is a collection of all the Covid19 articles, fact sheets, FAQ’s and news posts, we have put together over the last few weeks. We will continue to update and add to this page as more information becomes available.


Overall Checklist of all programs

Australian Covid19 Economic Stimulus Tax Measures (15 April)

JobKeeper program

Property related programs

COVID19, JobKeeper, The Economy Mid-May update (15 May)

JobKeeper Step by Step Guide (updated 28 April)

JobKeeper update – now included in Audit insurance (28 April)

Job Keeper Payments Q & A (updated 20 April)

JobKeeper update (9 April)

JobKeeper – what you need to know (31 March)

Renovation Rescue! – HomeBuilder Scheme (5 June)

Make the most of these schemes: HomeBuilder & First Home Owners Grant (5 June)

Tenancies COVID19 Response Act’s 2020 faqs (23 April)

Commercial Landlords code of conduct (8 April)

Commercial Tenants code of conduct (8 April)

Update for Residential Tenants (30 March)

Update for Commercial Tenants (30 March)

Update for all Landlords (30 March)

Assistance for Landlords & Tenants (24 March)

Assistance for Homeowners/Investors (24 March)

Legal Advice

Now is the perfect time for a Legal Health Check


Financial Crisis

Jobseeker program

Clarity of the $25,000 Business Loans (11 May)

WA Financial Management (26 March)

Banks: Home, Business & other loans (26 March)

Financial Crisis Assistance – Overview (24 March)

Assistance for Landlords & Tenants (24 March)

Assistance for Large Business (24 March)

Assistance for Small/Medium Business (24 March)

Assistance for Homeowners/Investors (24 March)

RBA cuts rates again (19 March)

Economic Stimulus Package (16 March)

Assistance for low-income earners (24 March)


Investments and Superannuation

Coronavirus guidance for SMSF (15 April)

Reconsider before cashing in your Super

Assistance for Super & Pension recipients

Coronavirus and your Investments (11 March)



Published Date: Jun 8, 2020