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Low Doc Finance

Low Doc finance/Non-Conforming

If you are self-employed or do not have a regular income, we can help you apply for a low-doc loan if you are buying a house. Our diverse panel of lenders means we have access to a variety of products, helping to ensure that we’ll be able to provide you with the most competitive and suitable facility.

Low-Doc Loans

As the name suggests, low-doc loans require less documentation to substantiate income in the application process. These facilities tend to be best suited to investors, contractors or self-employed borrowers. As a result of the less stringent income verification requirements, low-doc loans carry a greater perceived risk by lenders. Consequently, they tend to attract high than average interest rates, application fees and limitations on the maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR).

What income verification do I need?
Typically, a borrower would need a combination of the following documents to evidence their income:

  • Proof of ABN and/or GST registration
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Business Account transaction statements
  • Accountant’s letter
  • Personal tax returns

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Published Date: Jul 7, 2020 | Last Modified: January 20, 2021