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Business Structural Advice and Asset Protection

Structural Advice and Asset Protection
At AustAsia Group, we are also able to assist you with Structural advice, including determining the correct ownership structure, business structure advice and making sure your assets are protected in case something was to happen. Careful consideration needs to be made as a number of factors go into determining what structure is right for you. The right structure is crucial to succeeding in an increasingly complex business environment.

Asset Protection Services

Asset protection is a major factor to consider when deciding on your business structure. With structures such as sole traders or partnerships, it is more complex to separate the business assets from those of your own. In contrast, utilising a company structure can afford greater asset protection as it provides clarity on the separate assets of the business from your personal assets. This is particularly important if the business becomes unable to pay its creditors in ensuring your personal assets are not at risk.

Our consulting team are experts in this area and will be able to assist you with providing such advice.

Company Registration Services

The structure you then proceed with can be set up byAustAsia Group. From the ASIC registration of the company, to the ABN application for the related trust, we can do it all for you. We will work closely with a number of team to complete the set up of companies, units trust, discretionary trusts, child maintenance trusts, as well as assistance with upgrades of existing deed and company constitutions to make sure everything is up to date with legislation.

If this is something you believe AustAsia can assist you with please contact us.

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Published Date: Jun 29, 2020 | Last Modified: August 18, 2020