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Financial Hardship and Cashflow Management

Sometimes life can be tough. Especially if you have experienced financial stress as a result of unexpected life events such as redundancy, reduction of income, illness or injury, relationship separation or disease outbreak. You are not alone. We can help in a range of situations by helping you manage your financial stress and get you back on track.

When times get tough

At AustAsia Group we can assist you with:

  • Reviewing your current debts and liaising with the relevant parties to lodge hardship applications, get payment holidays, set up a payment plans and consolidate your debts;
  • Negotiating with creditors to get a reduction in the amount that you owe. We are very successful in getting the creditors to accept a lesser amount in full and final settlement of the debt, which can save thousands of dollars;
  • Reviewing your cash flow and monthly budget so you can see where you are at now, and what is coming in the future, to help you plan;
  • Setting up a central bank account in your name, to be managed by AustAsia Group, which can then be used to pay expenses and receive income;
  • Consolidating all other bank accounts from multiple institutions into this one central bank account, to make it simpler;
  • Monitoring your income and expenses to make sure everything is received and paid on time; and
  • Work with you to improve your credit rating to improve your future financial health.

Let AustAsia Group assist you, so you can get on with enjoying life and start a planning for your future.

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Published Date: Jun 29, 2020 | Last Modified: July 29, 2020