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Portfolio & Investment Management Service and Advice

Share Market and Advice

Premium Investment Portfolio Service

Tired of running your own investments and dealing with share registries?
Need help choosing your investments or administering them?
Don’t have the time or prefer to be doing other things?

Why not join our PIPS Service

Portfolio Administration Services

Have you had enough of chasing statements relating to your investments or simply do not have time to administer your portfolio, then AustAsia is here to help. Managing your investments can be time consuming with having to receive multiple documents from registries, tracking share holdings, making sure you are receiving dividends in to you bank account and working out your cost bases.

At AustAsia Group we can:

  • Change the address for your investments to be here at AustAsia Group so that we receive all your correspondence and paperwork;
  • Collect and record investment information (share trades, dividend and interest payments etc);
  • Send you any corporate actions (entitlements and share purchase plans) with the key information so you can make it easier for you to make a decision. We will take care of all the relevant paperwork and lodge directly with the share registry;
  • Supply you with regular reports which help you monitor your investments and portfolio valuation to meet your needs;
  • Assist with providing all information directly to your accountant.

This means that you continue to maintain control over your investment decisions whilst outsourcing the professional administration of your portfolio to AustAsia Group.

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Published Date: Jun 25, 2020 | Last Modified: July 24, 2020