AAG works with you to create simple solutions to complex problems.

Since 1979, AAG has supported hundreds of individuals and businesses across the fields of finance, accounting, taxation, real estate, law and general business consulting. Over this time, we have grown from a real estate and brokering business to a full-service financial firm that can get to know clients on an intimate level and provide completely tailored solutions across a range of different disciplines. 

Our full-service approach is boutique, and when you work with the AAG team, you can rest assured that we have considered any unique problems you may face against your whole life portfolio – leaving nothing out and nothing to chance. It is a truly partnered experience.

Client Interaction and Communication


Our Client Care Team is the first point of contact, both for new and existing clients.

Over the years, we have discovered that with us doing a variety of things for so many clients, sometimes clients have not been sure where to direct their queries. Some are small, quick solutions, and some are matters which need focused expertise, like tax or finance or superannuation. So from client feedback, we created our Client Care Team.

The role of the Client Care Team is, in essence, to be the single point of contact for clients, regardless of problems, large or small. Then, the Client Care Team assists with liaising with the experts within AAG (and outside AAG where required) to ensure we deliver a high level of service while making it simple for clients to interact with us.

Our Client Care Team has three sub-teams, being the primary colours, Red, Blue and Yellow.

All clients are assigned to one of our sub-teams, ensuring that every time you reach out to us, there is a familiar friendly team to assist you, who understands your unique circumstances and situation. Your own personal concierge for all matters financial.

Each sub-team reports to Melanie Ferries (Manager of our Client Care Team), who then reports directly to our Managing Director, Simon Chesson.

We are striving to make it easier for you to follow things up with us, as all matters go via one person or team.

This results in a faster and more efficient turnaround for you, but without you having to remember who you dealt with before.

To find out which of our Client Care Teams assists you, contact us today.


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