Case Studies

AAG In Action: Settlement advice when needed most

October 2019 | Real Estate
Background AustAsia Group’s settlement agency Master Settlements was recently contacted by a young couple, who were in the process of buying a house. The couple were first home buyers and engaged Master Settlements to deal with the property settlement. As a part of our standard process, the couple provided us with a copy of...
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AAG In Action: Is self-managing your investment property worth the hassle?

October 2019 | Real Estate
Background A client recently came to us for help as they were experiencing significant issues with an investment property they were self-managing. After meeting with the AustAsia Real Estate team (a division of the AustAsia Group), it became apparent that the challenges they were facing were beyond what we could have anticipated – including...
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AAG In Action: When business growth leads to new tax challenges

September 2019 | Accounting & Tax
Background One of our client’s businesses has been steadily growing over recent years, and in addition to its Western Australian base has also now established offices in Victoria and New South Wales. As to be expected, with an expansion in business operations came an increase in the number of employees - and consequently a...
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AAG In Action: How to turn a financial hardship situation into a financial success

September 2019 | Finance
Background A client of AAG’s had experienced the misfortune of being made redundant and many months later was still unable to find a new job. During this time, and with little to no financial buffer to protect them, our client was forced to take out numerous credit cards to fund their day-to-day expenses. With...
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AAG In Action: When Tax Time Overwhelms, We Can Help

June 2019 | Accounting & Tax
Background One of AAG’s long-standing clients referred a friend to our services, as they were dealing with a number of taxation compliance issues within their small business. A young couple, the business owners had been sent a letter of demand from the ATO and were panicking – they were unsure how to move forward...
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AAG In Action: Peace of Mind When Facing Challenges of Aged Care

May 2019 | Real Estate
Background A long-standing client of AAG referred a family to our services as they were experiencing a challenging time in their lives: their parent required aged care as a result of a medical condition. The children were struggling to navigate an unfamiliar financial situation, compounded by feelings of emotion and significant stress. Misinformation in...
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AAG In Action: Leave a Legacy, not a Mess

May 2019 | Legal
AustAsia Legal Pty Ltd (a member of the AustAsia Group) is experienced in the preparation and administration of Wills and estates.  Our many years of experience has proven that you need good legal advice before drafting your Will, to ensure that your Will is clear, accurate and valid. We come across situations often where...
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