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June 2024

Property prices have increased for the 16th consecutive month across the nation. As the weather begins to cool, is the property market expected to remain hot? Get your latest insights here.  Read more.

May 2024

The property market continues to sizzle with property prices increasing for the 15th consecutive month. Find out what this means for prospective buyers considering a winter property purchase.  Read more.

April 2024

Property prices have continued to climb across the country, reaching a new record high. Get up to speed with the latest property market news here.  Read more.

March 2024

With the economy cooling and inflation slowing, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) kept the cash rate on hold at its latest meeting. Find out what this means for aspiring homeowners.  Read more.

February 2024

It’s been a ripper start to the year for homeowners, with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) keeping the cash rate on hold, home values on the rise and auction activity in full swing.  Read more.

January 2024

Is 2024 the year you start your property purchasing journey? We couldn’t be happier for you. We’re kicking off the year with some insightful articles to set you up for success, whether you’re looking to invest or buy your first home. Get the lowdown on the latest property market news here..  Read more.

December 2023

Homeowners received an early Christmas present this year, with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) keeping the cash rate on hold this month. Get up to speed with what’s happening with property prices and more in our latest newsletter.  Read more.

November 2023

Housing values continued to rise in all markets except Darwin in October. Overall, home values were up 0.9%, according to CoreLogic data.  Perth led the way, with property prices up 1.6%, followed by Brisbane (1.4%) and Adelaide (1.3%).  Read more.

October 2023

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) new Governor Michele Bullock decided to keep the cash rate on hold this month in welcome news for property owners. Meanwhile, things are heating up in the property world as the busy spring selling season ramps up.  Read more.

September 2023

Spring is an exciting time for both aspiring property owners looking to get into the market and vendors eager to make a sale.  Read more.

August 2023

With Spring being just around the corner it’s the busiest period for the real estate industry.  Read more.

July 2023

This month, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decides to keep the cash rate on hold at 4.1 per cent.  Read more.

June 2023

In what was the biggest one-off rate hike in 22 years, June saw the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) increase the cash rate to 0.85 per cent in order to curb skyrocketing inflation. Read more.

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