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As we approach the holiday season, with Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, we are taking some time to reflect on the year that has passed and look ahead to 2024. This is also the time of year when we wrap up any outstanding work projects, finalise tasks, and prepare for office closures and time off. We are excited for the upcoming holiday season and all the joy it brings.

We typically reflect on the past year and set goals for upcoming milestones, in 2024, AAG will be celebrating its 45th anniversary in February!

From humble beginnings in February 1979, Syd and Jeanette Chesson started the business which is now AAG. From beginnings that started in the lounge room of Syd and Jeanette’s house, the business has evolved to have a staff of over 45 and close to 1,000 clients, and over the years helping clients to deal with a range of their personal and financial affairs – some very joyous and some not so when helping clients through tough times. We will be holding an event in 2024 to celebrate our 45th Birthday.

The 2023 year for AAG and our clients has been a lot of change – with the economic situation getting more difficult with housing and rent shortages, higher interest rates, difficulty in finding staff and contractors, and building houses or renovations, there has also been a lot of positives as well.

We have had lots of changes over the years, and 2023 was no different. We have had a number of team members that have been promoted to senior positions within AAG, as these are staff that have shown drive, passion, loyalty, and living the AAG Core Values.

To assist us in the support of the business, and to help to deliver the results for our clients, we have been building our senior leaders and our future leaders to create sustainability and quality of service to support you, our clients.

We would like to formally acknowledge and congratulate the following staff members:

Danielle Ablett –promotion to Wealth Management and Protection Services Advisor

Danielle Ablett
Danielle graduated from Curtin University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Financial Planning. She joined the Investments team at AAG as a graduate in 2017. She has also completed her studies to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) (non-practicing) with the FPA in 2021. She is currently completing her professional year, and will be a fully qualified adviser in her own right in 2024.

During 2020 to 2022, Danielle moved to the Consulting team, working alongside our Managing Director, Simon, to provide clients with tax and structural advice. She then transitioned back to the Investments team as manager.

Danielle has been promoted as Wealth Management and Protection Services Adviser, assisting Simon meeting existing and new clients, providing advice more specifically in the financial advice side of the business.

Jeremy Heng – promotion to Manager of Tax, Management Accounting and Client Care.

Jeremy Heng
Jeremy graduated from UWA back in 2012 and then attained his CPA in 2017. He has been in public practice assisting clients in meeting their tax obligations, as well as tax consultations since 2014.

Jeremy joined AAG in February 2022 as a Senior Accountant and moved to Tax Manager in October 2022. In a short period of time, Jeremy has shown the AAG core values and assisted to provide clients and worked within a team framework very well, which has also been to mentor and develop our up and coming new tax team members.

In his current position, Jeremy oversees a team of tax experts, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and implementing effective tax strategies to optimize the company’s financial performance.

Jeremy is a Registered Tax Agent and promoted as Director of Austasia Accounting Services.

Melanie Ferries – promotion to Manager of New Business Division

Melanie Ferries
Melanie joined AAG in 2015 as a Receptionist in Client Care Team. After years of building and developing strong client relationships, she moved seamlessly to the role of Client Care Team Leader in 2020.

Melanie has been promoted as New Business Manager, engaging new clients and determines their financial and life goals in order to provide tailored financial services to meet their financial needs. She ensures superior client satisfaction and ensuring AAG Teams deliver professional services in the areas of tax accounting, financial planning, and business consultancy services.

Marcella Hindarko – promotion to Manager of Business Advisory / Consulting

Marcella Hindarko
Marcella graduated from Prasetiya Mulya Business School in 2015 with a Bachelor of Economics and Business Management and continue her study in Curtin University and graduated in 2018 with a Master of Professional Accounting degree.

Marcella joined AAG in 2019 as a Graduate in our Client Services Team (now the Client Care Team), and moved to the Consulting Team providing Business, Financial and Tax Advice. Within a short period of time, she has grown and developed her team and her own skills and become a key part of the Consulting Team. She was promoted to the Manager of the Consulting Team earlier this year.

Due to her passion and drive for growth and improvements, she has transitioned to a new role as Business Advisory Manager, which is assisting with business strategy for clients and working alongside the board with our own strategic growth for AAG internally.

Sherly Phen – promotion to Manager of Internal Accounts

Sherly Phen
Sherly joined AAG in 2008 as a Graduate Accountant in the Investments Team and has worked for AAG for over 15 years. After a short career break, has come back to AAG to work with the Directors. She has held various roles, from a graduate to Manager of a team, to Executive Assistant for the Directors, and now has risen to the role of Manager of the Internal Accounts team. Sherly oversees various crucial responsibilities within the organization.

Sherly has been the backbone of AAG internally.

Denise Locantro – promotion to Associate Director Wealth Management

Denise Locantro

Denise has a long history in the Financial Services Industry, with over 30 years as a stockbroker. She is skilled in Portfolio Management, specialising in Australian and international equities, corporate finance, and asset management.

Her belief that it takes a team effort to deliver a high-level client experience is evidenced by the substantial growth in funds under management. Denise graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Economics and is a Fellow of FINSIA (Financial Services Institute of Australasia).

Leah Ann Mathew – promotion to Team Leader of Consulting

Leah Ann Mathew
Leah earned her Master Degree in Professional Accounting from the University of Western Australia. She started her journey with us as a Graduate Position in the Client Care team, working closely with Nicole and Mel in August 2020. Her responsibilities included client and ATO liaising, lodgements, packaging, and more.

Leah’s rapid progress led her to a Team Lead role within the Client Care team. In early 2022, she transitioned into Consulting Team, and promoted as Team Leader in 2023. She is now the expert of Structured Advisory and utilising her expert knowledge, she also assisting Simon with the finance team focusing on more complex finance matters, as they tie into the overall advisory role and implementation of our strategies. She has taken on SMSF and business finance and is studying the requirements to be able to provide advice on finance in the future.

Haseeb Shafqat – promotion to Team Leader of Tax and Client Care

Haseeb Shafqat
Haseeb graduated from National College of Business Administrations & Economics in 2013 and continued his study in Edith Cowan University, graduated in 2019 with Master of Professional Accounting and Finance Degree. His passion for studying has brought him to be Registered Tax Agent in 2023.

Haseeb started his journey in AAG as a tax intern in March 2021, and quickly transitioned into Junior Accountant then a Senior Accountant in Tax Team. He has a passion and drive that AAG has fostered to be able to take Haseeb to be a Team Leader. His recent promotion is as the Team Leader of Tax and Client Care.

Haseeb is the expert on handling complex tax works.

Poonam – promotion to Team Leader of Wealth Management and Protection Officer

Poonam graduated from Murdoch University as Master of Accounting in 2020. And joined AAG in 2022 as a Graduate Accountant in the Client Care team, then, transitioned to the Tax team, refining her tax return and financial skills.

In early 2023, Poonam joined the Consulting team, sharpening her tax and Business Structure knowledge. With her growth mindset, she then transitioned into Investments team, promoted as the Team Leader and ensuring client’s needs are tied in together both from the tax and investment side.


We also want to congratulate the following staff for some milestones of their own:

Nicole Copeland – started with AAG in August 2005, (over 18 years ago) and recently went on maternity leave for the birth of her second daughter. We look forward to welcoming Nicole back in 2024.

Wayne Archibald – Wayne was our General Manager for 5 years and left us in 2021. He came back to work part time to help us with some special projects during 2023. We farewell Wayne for his real retirement, and thank Wayne for his assistance during 2023 in particular.

Jayden Huynh – started with AAG as a graduate accountant in 2019 and has become an Intermediate Accountant, being able to handle a range of tax and accounting issues with complex financials for clients. Jayden recently resigned due to his family’s business needs, and is moving to Vietnam. We wish Jayden the best in his future, and there will be a role for Jayden if he wants to come back to Australia and AAG!

We take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for allowing us to continue work with you to help you to achieve your goals. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and prosperous 2024!

AAG AustAsia

AAG AustAsia

AAG is a family-owned group providing Tax planning, management accounting, wealth management, and more. Established in 1979, AAG acts entirely in their clients' best interest by providing financial expertise and upholds a reputation of nurturing long-lasting relationships with clients to assist them with all their personal and business financial issues.