Super Advice

Super Advice

Superannuation is still the most tax-effective way to save to prepare for retirement. But, like any long-term investment, the fund has to be managed now.

Proper financial planning and strategy is essential in making it grow from something small in the present into a sizeable nest egg in the future.

Our expert team will help you to achieve that.

Superannuation Services

We can assist you with:

  • Helping you develop definable and achievable retirement goals;
  • Providing advice and insight on your existing funds;
  • Helping you find the right products for you right now;
  • Giving you a selection of investment options, each one tailored to achieving your goals within your tolerance for risk;
  • Advice on salary sacrificing for tax optimisation and wealth building;
  • Assisting with consolidating your superannuation into one fund, if you currently have multiple super accounts;
  • Assisting with finding “lost super”; and
  • Regular reviews of your superannuation strategy and fund performance.

Superannuation is an essential ingredient of your long-term wealth and one that is frequently overlooked, so let us help you.

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Published Date: Jun 25, 2020 | Last Modified: July 24, 2020