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Can I apply for the HBAA Rebate?

The REBA Home Buyers Assistance Account (HBAA) Scheme is available to first home buyers purchasing a property for less than $400,000. This scheme provides up to $2,000 to cover incidental expenses. In order to qualify for this rebate you must fulfil a number of criteria, including but not limited to:

  • The price of the property must not exceed $400,000
  • The applicant (you) must not have previously owned a property
  • The property must be purchased through a licensed real estate agent
  • The purchase must be financed by a lending institution which will lodge the application on your behalf
  • The dwelling must be established (or at least partially constructed) at the time of acceptance of the contract. It can’t be an “off the plan” purchase
  • The purchased property must be your principal place of residence
  • The application should be lodged no more than 90 days after the date on which the offer to purchase the dwelling was accepted.

For Further information on the HBAA Rebate, including how to apply, please refer to:

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