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How can AustAsia Group Help You?

We are SMSF Specialists. We have over 180 SMSF clients and pride ourselves on our expertise and our ability to work closely with our clients.

Through AustAsia Accounting Services and AustAsia Financial Planning, AustAsia can assist you to develop your investment strategy, in order to satisfy the investment requirements governing SMSFs. We are able to assist in restructuring your business affairs so that you may hold your business premises in your super fund, invest in managed funds (includes share, bond, property and cash funds and a range of diversified funds) property syndicates, direct shares and a variety of other investments. They can compliment your existing investments or form the core of your super fund.

AustAsia Financial Planning holds an Australian Financial Services License issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. We are licensed, qualified, and experienced in recommending and implementing Superannuation and investment strategies.

AustAsia Accounting Services is a registered tax agent, and is experienced and qualified to help you meet the legal requirements of a SMSF including record keeping, preparation of annual reports for the fund, and attending to the legislative requirements of auditing, tax returns and the compliance return.

If you would like to investigate this super option further, please contact us

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